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Royal Cargo

Sports Trailers

RC Trailers offer a variety of versatile trailers for the fun-loving, adventurous sporting enthusiast.  If you’ve got a cars, motorcycle, dirt bike, or quad runner, we’ve got a trailer to secure, protect and transport your fun machines to your next destination.

General Cargo Trailers

All your RC Trailer dealer needs to know is: “What do you want your trailer to do for you?”

Take your toys and gear on an annual vacation? Haul construction tools and equipment to the job site for your business? From occasional personal use to helping you make a living every day, find a model to suit your needs here.

Race Trailers

We offer several car hauling/race trailer options with your choice of either a steel or aluminum frame.  We offer everything from an entry level car hauler to a top of the line 53′ stacker unit capable of hauling up to 4 race cars!

Concession trailers

Concession trailers spend a lot of time on the road between venues.  Our rugged steel frames are designed to take the pounding of the week-in and week-out time on the road.  Concession trailers are frequently loaded with stoves, refrigerators, freezers and other concession machinery.  We custom design each and every one of our concession trailers to your exacting specifications.  It takes a little longer than just buying a plain trailer “off the shelf”, but it’s always worth it in the long run.

Open Trailers

RC Trailers offers a wide variety of open aluminum trailers.  We have trailers for motorcycle hauling, ATV hauling, car hauling, landscaping contractors, and general utility.  We’re sure to have something of interest for you.  Note:  We do have a small enclosed snowmobile trailer in the Sport Trailers section.  Have fun browsing!

Custom Trailers

RC Trailers has manufactured hundreds of custom trailers over years for government agencies, corporations and individuals.  We’ve built specialized cable splicing trailers for utilitiy companies as well as custom show trailers for Chrysler and GM.  Talk to your dealer and see what we can do for you!

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